Privacy Policy

I rely on advertising to keep the site running (that isn't free, you know!). But I don't sell your information to advertisers, or anyone else. That includes your email, IP, and possibly some other info you might share on this site.

However, note that your comments, uploads and shared pictures on this site are all available to the public.

Note that advertisers may employ various techniques to display ads pertinent to your browsing history. I make no warrants about how they obtain or manipulate that information. Sorry, that's the world we live in and our only other choice is to move the site behind a pay-wall.

In the unlikely event I sell the site in the distant future, I will give you the option to scrub your personal information (probably email and IP info) before the site leaves my control.

The site relies on cookies. Bing Maps won't function without cookies, and I use cookies to keep track of whether you are logged-in or not. Advertisers also use cookies.

If you post any nasty comments on this site that attract the attention of law enforcement, you will probably be banned (pending a reasonable review), but your email/IP still will not be shared short of a court-issued warrant.